Bondo Mystery Ape aka Bili Ape Existence

Discovering the Bili Ape aka Bondo Mystery Ape

We’ll begin by asking you a series of questions:

1.  What if we told you that in 1996, scientists discovered an ape that appeared very similar to a common (Bonobo) chimpanzee, but instead of being typical chimpanzee proportions (3ft tall and 100lbs), this chimpanzee-like ape averaged nearly six feet tall with a weight of 400lbs?

2.  What if we told you this behemoth frequently walked upright?

3.  What if we told you that unlike all other apes, which are vegetarian, this ape was a hunter of meat, including other monkeys and apes?

4.  What if we told you that this ape was reported as using group hunting tactics to kill lions, leopards and other large predatory animals?

The animal described in the questions you just read, is not one of fiction.  Nor is it a recent archeological discovery.  It’s a current living and breathing earthly inhabitant known as the Bili Ape.


The Bili Ape

The Bili Ape A.K.A. “Bondo Mystery Ape” was indeed accepted as scientific fact in 1996.  The Bili Ape inhabits the Bili Forest, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Villagers in the Bili Forest region of the Congo had been repeatedly reporting sightings, glimpses, smells and sounds of these massive chimpanzees; only to be dismissed by the scientific community for well over 100 years.  Much to the dismay of the “Bili Believers”, the scientific community could not get over the disbelief that an animal of this reportedly large size could go undetected for so long. 

Sound familiar? Here are some other interesting comparisons.

The population of Bili Apes is estimated to be near 10,000.  Why is this significant to this discussion? One of the more frequent arguments we hear is, “If Bigfoot is so big, why don’t we see it more often?”

Bondo Mystery Ape and Sasquatch

If it took the scientific community over 100 years to accept the existence of the Bondo Mystery Ape as reality, and there are approximately 10,000 giant Bili Apes; why is it hard to believe the possibility that Sasquatch would be even harder to prove? Yes, Sasquatch is larger than the Bili Ape, but Sasquatch has a much smaller population and it’s spread amongst a much larger geographical area.

Bili Apes and Sasquatch even share behavioral traits.  Bili Apes build nests on the ground, which is in contrast to their much smaller relatives, the Bonobo Chimpanzee, as well as most other great apes which typically sleep off the ground in trees.  Sasquatch too builds nests to sleep on the forest floor.

Chimp walking upright

Another fascinating characteristic which mirrors the behavior of Sasquatch to that of the Bili Ape is the fact that Bili’s often demonstrate signs of curiosity toward humans.  Primatologist Cleve Hicks explains this behavior as an important behavioral difference between standard (Bonobo) chimpanzees and Bili Apes.  Hicks explains, “… [Bili Apes] are fearless, approaching us in the trees to get a better look, rather than fleeing at the sight of humans, as chimps in other regions tend to do.” For those familiar with Sasquatch behavior, this is very typical.

Patterson-Gimlin Film


For those who believe, the comparisons between the history of the Bili Ape and Sasquatch couldn’t be more apparent.  The doubters however will still need more convincing.  One way to accomplish this goal is to let the world know how many believers there really are.  The scientific community is slowly waking to the possibility of a giant ape-like creature living in our woods.  But we need to accelerate the process.  Research teams like Destination Sasquatch need more support to continue and improve our research.  We need more subscribers.  More shares.  More likes.  And more people coming forward as believers.

Listen, we get it.  We know it’s not easy to tell the world, “I believe in Bigfoot!”.  To you we say, “You are not alone!”  You would be shocked by the large numbers of people who reach out to us privately or walk up and whisper quietly, things like, “I’ve never told this to anyone but years ago I saw a Bigfoot”.  People constantly share their belief to us, and consistently do so with details that align with our own research findings.  They share stories of sightings, sounds, glimpses, smells, massive boulders thrown at cabins etc. 

Despite their remarkable and convincing encounter, they’re so afraid of the ridicule, that they often won’t even tell their friends and family.  This needs to stop.  There are thousands upon thousands of people out there who have had experiences just like you.  You don’t need to be afraid to share.

The more people are made aware of just how large the “Bigfoot Believer Community” is, the sooner the scientific community and government agencies will start to take a more serious look into the reality of Bigfoot.  Get out of the shadows and share your belief with someone today!

Paul Bowen

Paul Bowen


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